Sekolah Pascasarjana | Enrollment’s Requirements
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Enrollment’s Requirements

New Students Enrollment’s Requirements (SPMB MANDIRI) for Master’s (S2) and Doctorate (S3) Degree Program

  1. Copy of parchment from primary level, junior secondary level, and senior secondary level
  2. Certified copy of parchment from accredited undergraduate level (S1) (for master’s students) or postgraduate level (for doctorate students).
  3. Copy of accreditation certification status from National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education Institution (BAN-PT) or other reliable international Accreditation Agency for the previous institution or program of study.
  4. Copy of academic transcript with minimum of 3.00 GPA (IPK) or equivalent.
  5. 3×4 size and 2×3 size Passport photo (2 copies for each size)
  6. Curriculum vitae which includes the list of academic writings and publications.
  7. Recommendation letter from two institutions or two referees who have reliable qualification to assess the academic potential of the applicant.
  8. A statement letter of financial capacity to fund the study (for self funded students)
  9. A statement letter of financial capacity to fund the study form a related institution/person (for sponsored students)
  10. A permit letter from the employer (for employees)
  11. A statement letter to comply with the pertinent regulations set up by the graduate school of UIN Jakarta (SPs UIN Jakarta) (students should write this letter).
  12. A health certificate from reliable doctors/hospitals/clinics and a free of narcotics certification from reliable institutions.
  13. Copy of valid ID cards (KTP/SIM/Passport and Visa).
  14. Three (3) copies of thesis proposal (minimum of 15 pages (double sided) in B5 size) or four (4) copies of dissertation proposal (minimum of 20 pages (double sided) in B5 size)
  15. Paying the enrollment examination fees.