Sekolah Pascasarjana | Vision, Mission, and Aims
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Vision, Mission, and Aims


Integrating Islamic, scientific, Indonesian, and humanitarian scholarships to endeavour Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University to be an international research university.


Improving the quality of Islamic study scholarships to be more comprehensive and nationally and internationally contextual based.

Developing and integrating social, humanitarian, and science with Islamic study scholarships

Developing research-based expertise and scholarships in Indonesia in order to contribute to the Islamic civilization and the world in general.


Creating master’s and doctorate degree graduates that are able to demonstrate in depth and comprehensive knowledge and understanding about Islam, sufficient skills to develop Islamic teachings in accordance with its specific disciplines, high academic apprehension, inclusive and responsive toward social changes, and noble character.


Creating graduates who are able to finish their study on time, at least 70 % graduation rate for master’s degree program, and 50 % for doctorate degree program.

Formulating, transforming, and publishing, at least, 25 theses and 25 dissertations on credible publishers per year.

Aiming at 50% international citation rate for research and journal articles published by students and lecturers of SPs UIN Jakarta.