Sekolah Pascasarjana | Codes and Names of Subject
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Codes and Names of Subject



1ISL 6101 Quranic Exegesis3
2ISL 6102 Islamic Thought3
3ISL 6103Islamic Law3
4ISL 6104History of Islamic Civilization3
5ISL 6105Approaches to Islamic Studies3
6ISL 6106MA Research Metodhology3
7ISL 6107Introduction to Islamic Studies3
8ISL 6201 Seminar for Thesis Proposal3
9ISL 6202 Thesis Proposal Examination0
10ISL 6203Comprehensive Examination3
11ISL 6204Thesis Work in Progress3
12ISL 6205Preliminary Thesis Examination4
13ISL 6206MA Thesis Examination6
14ISL 7101 Quranic Exegesis Method4
15ISL 7102 Thematic Study of Quranic Exegesis4
16ISL 7103Method of Understanding Hadith4
17ISL 7104Thematic Study of Hadith4
18ISL 7105Contemporary Islamic World4
19ISL 7106Research Methodology4
20ISL 7107Approaches to Islamic Studies3
21ISL 7108Ph.D Research Methodology3
22ISL 7201 Seminar for Dissertation Proposal3
23ISL 7202 Dissertation Proposal Examination0
24ISL 7203Comprehensive Examination3
25ISL 7204Dissertation Work in Progress4
26ISL 7205Preliminary Dissertation Examination8
27ISL 7206Ph.D Dissertation Examination10
28ISL 8001Applied Communication for Da'wah3
29ISL 8002Comparative Family Law in the Muslim Countries3
30ISL 8003Comprehensive Islamic Studies3
31ISL 8004Contemporary Critical Discourse on Hadith 3
32ISL 8005Contemporary Development of Arabic Language and Literature3
33ISL 8006Contemporary Development of Islamic Economics3
34ISL 8007Contemporary Development of Islamic Law3
35ISL 8008Contemporary Development of Islamic Thought3
36ISL 8009Contemporary Development of Pesantren and Madrasah3
37ISL 8010Contmeporary Development of Quranic Exegesis and Hadith3
38ISL 8011Contemporary Discourses of Islamic Studies3
39ISL 8012Contemporary Fatwa in The Muslim World3
40ISL 8013Contmeporary History of Middle Eastern3
41ISL 8014Contemporary Issues in Islamic Finance 3
42ISL 8015Contemporary Methods of Arabic Teaching3
43ISL 8016Contemporary Study of Tafsir Hadith3
44ISL 8017Da'wah, Cultural Communication, and Politics3
45ISL 8018Da'wah, Media and Politics3
46ISL 8019Dynamics of Islamic Economics: Challenge and Opportunities3
47ISL 8020Fiqh Mu'amalat on Banking and Finance3
48ISL 8021Gender, Ethnicity, and Religious Minority Issues in Islam3
49ISL 8022Global Political Islam3
50ISL 8023Hadith and Sirah Nabawiyyah3
51ISL 8024Islam and Contemporary Political Issues3
52ISL 8025Islam and Sciences3
53ISL 8026Islam and the West: Cooperation and Conflicts3
54ISL 8027Islam in Indonesian Politics3
55ISL 8028Islam in Southeast Asia3
56ISL 8029Islam, Environment, and Health3
57ISL 8030Islam, Health and Medical Ethics3
58ISL 8031Islam, Human Right and Democracy3
59ISL 8032Islam, Society, and Politics in Asia3
60ISL 8033Islam, Society, and Politics in Middle East3
61ISL 8034Islamic Economics in the Muslim World: A Comparative Study3
62ISL 8035Islamic Education Policy3
63ISL 8036Islamic Law and Ethics3
64ISL 8037Islamic Philoshopy and Psychology3
65ISL 8038Islamic Politics in Indonesia3
66ISL 8039Islamic Studies in Southeast Asia3
67ISL 8040Islamic Studies in the Middle East3
68ISL 8041Islamic Studies in Western University3
69ISL 8042Issues in Contemporary Da'wah3
70ISL 8043Issues in Contemporary Ushul al-Fiqh3
71ISL 8044Issues in Indonesian Contemporary Fiqh3
72ISL 8045Law, Politics, and Social Changes3
73ISL 8046Management and Technology in Islamic Educatio3
74ISL 8047Medical and Health Ethics in Islam3
75ISL 8048Multiculturalism, Peace, and Religious Harmony3
76ISL 8049Orientalism, Occidentalism, and Islamic Studies3
77ISL 8050Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy in Islam3
78ISL 8051Philology and Textual Criticism of Nusantara Manuscripts3
79ISL 8052Politics of Family Law Legislation3
80ISL 8053Public Helath and Psychological Therapy in Islam3
81ISL 8054Quranic Exegesis in Contemporary Indonesia 3
82ISL 8055Quranic Exegesis in Contemporary Middle East3
83ISL 8056Reform in Contemporary Islamic Education3
84ISL 8057Religion and Social Changes3
85ISL 8058Religion and Climate Change3
86ISL 8059Religion, Culture, and Economic Development3
87ISL 8060Religious Movement, Radicalism and Terrorism3
88ISL 8061Shariah and Modern State3
89ISL 8062Social and Intellectual History of Southeast Asian Islam3
90ISL 8063Socio-Cultural Development of Indonesian Islam3
91ISL 8064Sociology of Islamic Law3
92ISL 8065Theories of Islamic Economics3
93LAG 9001TOAFL0
94LAG 9002 TOEFL0
95LAG 9003TOIFL0
96LAG 9004Turkish0
97LAG 9005Persian0
98LAG 9006Dutch0
99LAG 9007German0
100LAG 9008Russian0
101LAG 9009French0



  • Mata kuliah berkode 6000-an hanya dapat diambil mahasiswa Program Magister.
  • Mata kuliah berkode 7000-an hanya dapat diambil mahasiswa Program Doktor
  • Mata kuliah berkode 8000-an dapat diambil mahasiswa Program Magister dan Program Doktor sebagai mata kuliah peminatan/pilihan
  • Mata Kuliah berkode 9000-an dapat diambil mahasiswa Program Magister dan Program Doktor untuk penguatan bahasa asing