Sekolah Pascasarjana | Enrollment’s Procedure
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Enrollment’s Procedure

Online enrolment examination procedure

  1. Applicants should pay the registration fee either through bank, ATM, or internet banking (BNI/BRI/Mandiri) by inserting the 11-digit payment code as follow:
  2. As the above payment process is successful, the applicants (prospective students) will receive ID number and personal identification number (PIN).
  3. Applicants then need to sign in through with the ID number and PIN that have been provided.
  4. The next step is filling in the biodata and uploading a photo (the size of the file should not exceed 200kb)
  5. As the photo is uploaded, the applicants can print the exam ID card and keep it as a valid proof of registration.
  6. Following the above steps, the prospective students should hand over some required documents to the administration office of SPs UIN Jakarta one week, at the latest, prior to the examination date.

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