Sekolah Pascasarjana | Herregistration’s Procedure
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Herregistration’s Procedure

Successful applicants will automatically be regarded as perspective students of Master’s and Doctorate degree program of SPs UIN Jakarta. Successful applicants are required to proceed to the herregistration process. The details are as follow:


Herregistration payment procedure

  1. Come to the bank and proceed to the bank tellers
  2. Show your examination ID number
  3. Make sure you have the correct ID number
  4. Pay the herregistration fee


Logging in after herregistration payment

After completing the herregistration payment, students should log in to the network and proceed with the registration process. The details are as follow

  1. Open the the website
  2. Click Log in button
  3. Input your examination ID and date of birth, then click login.
  4. Fill in the diodata correctly
  5. Click the print button to print the statement document
  6. Put on a 10.000-rupiah stamp on the designated area, then sign the document


Herregistration instruction for new students.pdf